Platform Management

Identification of your customers, lead generation, consistent focus, targeted campaigns and personalised communication. It all starts with analysing your brand, the market and the consumer. Gather the necessary information, install smart KPI’s and measurable & realisable targets, evaluate and do the same thing again. Analyse, aim right and build your platform the way it has to be build!

” Don’t follow gut feeling, follow proven figures! ” 


Content that engages, converts, builds loyalty, creates traffic, but most of all is relevant and/or exclusive. That’s the content you’re aiming for, that’s the content that will drive your brand and boost your business. Give your visitors a reason to comeback to your platform.  At the end of the day, your clients (current and potential) want to be informed, not pushed, and that’s what content marketing is all about.

Lead Generation

Convert those visitors with good opt-in forms, so you get to know who they are and what their interests are. You can start building that important client relation and make full effect of your platform.



Defining your targets, installing smart KPI’s and learning about your current and potential customers, is the base of our strategy. In strategic cooperation with GFK, we take the necessary first steps in the marketing process. Don’t follow gut feeling, follow proven figures!

Website Analytics

Centralised analytics offers us a better utilisation of resources and data, enhanced communication of information and a deeper command over analytics implementation and consumption. Our modus operandi is based on this approach. It will offer you a deeper corporate understanding on how to draw the most valuable insights from the available data.