The 5 must know "Ss of marketable content

Posted in Content Marketing on April 18, 2017

You need to put in place the skills, resources and processes to make sure that your content is ...

Content marketing has to be searcheable

Search engines reward sites that deliver regularly refreshed content of a high editorial quality. Whether it’s for education or entertainment, your content needs to deliver both quality and impact.

Content marketing has to be shareable

As well as the benefits of gaining peer approval for your content, the social shares it attracts will also boost its search rankings.

Content marketing has to be supportive

You can project yourself as an authoritative brand that’s generous with its expertise by anticipating users’ questions and telling them things they didn’t know. But first, you have to make sure you understand your users’ information needs.

Content marketing has to be specialised

Your content must come from within your information niche – the intersection between your domain expertise and your users’ content needs and interests.

Content marketing has to be sustainable

You need a publishing process in place that allows you to generate ideas, populate an editorial calendar, and create relevant, effective content on a sustainable basis.

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