Article in SportBusiness

Posted in General on Sep 2, 2016

A New Agency World was asked to give it's vision on today's changes in the industry of sports/entertainment.

SBI is the longest established and leading magazine covering the global industry of sport. Each month the magazine delivers exclusive features, data and analysis for the key areas of the business of sport including sponsorship, media, events and stadia.

The most important thing is for a brand to be able to 'tell stories' and sport is still one of the most effective vehicles.

See the similarities between them and us? We are both passionate about sport and both see the benefit of linking a sport to a brand. Though the sports industry is not our only field of expertise, it still means a great deal for us as it is imbedded in our core business.

We deliver both analytic interpretations as well as creative executions. We believe that a good and solid strategy starts with a thorough analysis. Once the numbers are there, they can be interpreted and a fitting campaign can be set up. Only in this matter a personal and precise approach can be developed. SportBusiness agrees that numbers are the starting point of every marketing strategy.

It is because of our passion for sport and our two products, Scirix (analyses) and Metheris (monitors social platforms), that our MD, Rik De Veirman, was mentioned in the article "The shoe fits" in the September edition of the SportBusiness International magazine.

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