Bring on the Content

Posted in Content Marketing on Febr 17, 2017

In the past years we have been preaching the three c’s to our clients when it comes to marketing. Content, content and content. Sport clubs have been doing it and in the business world Red Bull, Amazon, Gillette, Apple, Twitter and recently Facebook, are prime examples. While these companies aren’t strictly associated with being media companies, they’ve all ventured down the road to create original content. And with good reason. If a consumer decides to follow a brand, they want to get exclusive access. A peak behind the curtains, as it were.

Energise the media
Since 2007 the Red Bull Media House has developed Red Bull TV, which puts them well ahead of the rest. Currently, Red Bull is transforming from a web based platform to a multi-platform media outlet (web, mobile, apps and traditional tv). Their YouTube channel has over 5,7 million subscriptions. Fans get a behind the scenes insight with athletes from different (x-)sports, but also lifestyle insights with influential artists.

Keep it in the house
With the Facebook announcement that they have hired an ex-MTV head of scripted programming, their quest to monetize their content while keeping the nearly 2 billion monthly visitors engaged.

Twitter on the other hand, has made its first steps by streaming. It has live streamed Super Bowl 51 and has made a deal with the French Rugby Federation to live stream the games of the French national team. It seems it’s only a matter of time, when the messenger service will look to expand towards original content. Original content means control of the message you want to send to your users, and

Not only for the powerhouses
If by now you’re thinking that creating original content is something only for the big sport clubs or multi billion euro companies, you’re wrong. Give your clients peak behind the scenes. Make them curious… make them return!