Nintendo has a content problem

Posted in Technology on March 13, 2017

Nintendo has launched its most successful console since the Wii. Unofficial reports even state the Nintendo Switch outsold the Wii by a considerable margin in the US. The Wii is to date by far the best selling Nintendo console, and it remains to be seen if the Switch can live up to the expectations.

Part of the problem is the lack of games made available. With the launch of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo had its best game launch since Super Mario 64, but here lies the problem. Other content is missing. Until now, there are only 9 games released and it’s holding the non die hard Nintendo fans back.

The content (i.c. the games) is what attracts new users. It triggers an interest. This is as true for brands as it is for games. Brands have to become the publishers of their own story. What they publish has to be searchable, shareable, relevant and exclusive – and actually worth looking at. Content that is too product- or brand-focused does not travel well digitally. Whereas content that stands on its own merits as entertainment, storytelling, education will be shared and passed along.

Content exclusivity seems to be a problem as well for the Switch. Lots of exclusive Nintendo games are also available on the PC through free emulators. In other words, if Nintendo wants to generate a long term commercial success like it did with the Wii, there will have to be more exclusive content available to persuade the gamers to buy the Switch.