Quick-Step Floors Cycling Team, a (r)evolution in cycling

Posted in Sport Marketing

To create a (r)evolution in cycling, one team has to lead the way. And as so often, Quick-Step Floors Cycling Team has taken on the task to make some necessary changes. In order to implement an advertising platform and a constant continuous income structure, QST has decided to adjust their approach from sponsor-driven to a more marketing-driven one.

In order to achieve this marketing-driven approach, A New Agency World will develop and support all marketing activities of the Quick-Step Floors Cycling Team during their collaboration starting this year.

Creating and applying a new USP & new brand values, initiating an inbound marketing stratgegy, developing a content & social media strategy towards B2B and generating a clear go-to-market strategy are just a few of the key factors of this collaboration.

More info about the Quick-Step Floors Cycling Team and why cycling is one of the most cost-efficient marketing tools can be found on The Business Cycling Network>.