De Tijd & Het Nieuwsblad published the Belgian soccer report

Posted in Coverage on Aug 04, 2016

Aaah, July. Where most people think of sunny weather, long evening strolls at the beach, sipping cocktails and doing, well, absolutely nothing. We, at A New Agency World worked our asses off to knock your soccer socks off. And the Belgian newspapers approved.

We proudly announce that Saturday, on the 30th of July our large-scale soccer survey, carried out in cooperation with GfK got published in the Belgian newspaper De Tijd!

Article Belgian soccer report by A New Agency World in De Tijd

Few days after the appearance of the article about the soccer report in De Tijd, an even bigger article came out in another Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad on Tuesday, the 2nd of August.

Article Belgian soccer report by A New Agency World in Het Nieuwsblad

Excited to know which Belgian soccer team has the biggest and most loyal fan base? Or always wanted to know where the most active fans are located in Belgium? Boy, oh boy, do we have great news for you! You can easily download our full report here.

Links: De Tijd | Het Nieuwsblad
Full report: The Belgian soccer report