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Posted in Products on Jan 25, 2017

The days we used to be glued to the big box called the television are long gone. Continuously captivating the audience becomes more difficult each day, people constantly have their smartphone or tablet within reach. When there’s a break in the action on the first screen, a second screen is at hand. Either as a diversion, but more often as a way to share what they’ve just experienced with their friends and family…”Did you see that goal?!”, “Did he really say that?”.

Instead of being stuck with one advertisement for the masses, Xairoo gives the possibility to differentiate. Not only where to advertise, but also the targeted group and even better: the moment you advertise. Gone are the days of senseless mass advertising. With countless online data gathered, the advertiser has the opportunity to target specific groups of people. On the right platform. At the right time. With the right (audience targeted) message.

Xarioo is online emotional moment advertising by A New Agency World

We find this to be the way foreward and have committed ourselves to do the necessary continued research on the use of the second screen. A remarkable fact is that almost 53% of the Belgians use their smartphone while they watch tv. During commercials, this percentage rises to 61%. If only we knew what they were doing? Well, we do! We know the exact percentage of people between 18 and 35 who are on Facebook if they use their smartphone during half-time or pre-and postgame analysis of a sports broadcast, or how many people over the age of 55 check their personal e-mails during game show programs. In order to convert the information about all these different parameters into useable data for advertisers, we have developed Xairoo. Based on about 10 different parameters Xairoo helps advertisers to specify the content of their message.

Xarioo and the parameters used for online emotional moment advertising by A New Agency World

How can this information help advertisers? Because we are capable of telling when people are using their smartphone and what they are using it for, a sponsor could potentially specify the age and region of his target group –and this on different platforms (Facebook, Twitter,…). With a different content. Obviously, a sponsor would like to send a different message to the fans of a team who just won a championship, than to fans who lost in a title game. Thanks to the data-model Xairoo, we can use ‘Online Emotional Moment Advertising’ as a tool to create an emotional link between the consumers and brands. This process of moment-selection is, of course, endlessly applicable. As an advertiser, you can be sure that your message will reach the correct audience, through the right channel.

Xarioo summary behavior for online emotional moment advertising by A New Agency World