It's no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.


You are responsible for all content (internal & external). You have (or can build) a strong network of freelancers. You love to write and are passionate about sports, entertainment, music, digital media and much more. You?

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Content Creator

Writing is your life, media is your passion and storytelling is what you live for. Besides an enormous knowledge on sports and entertainment, you are able to function with deadlines and create inspiring copy. You are a generalist with knowledge of social media; you want to make a difference.

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Sales Manager

It's all about sales, nothing else matters! It's you, the client, the service and the product. You are result driven, a bit arrogant, very assertive and no BS.

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Junior Marketeer

You want to learn, feel and experience the wonderful world of marketing, get involved in consumer behaviour, see what works and what doesn't. You're eager for knowledge. We are looking for you!

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SEM Expert

The web is your playground; no hidden place is safe for your expertise. You can analyse, plan, discover and fulfil the needs of demanding clients. You can create sites, blogs, campaigns that win Effie's, not lions. You are customer driven and know how to tag them.

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Office Assistant

Every home needs a stronghold. You are our back up, our everything. You can help everybody and still do your job. Available for all client demands, it feels like you're always here. Welcome.

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