Sales Management

Finally it all comes down to this; all marketing efforts, relations building, content & inbound creation have to result to 1 goal – selling the service, the product or the brand with added value to the customer.

” Don’t sell steaks to vegetarians! ” 

It sounds simple, but we all have made that mistake, trying to sell to a customer who’s not really interested. To avoid useless pitches (abusing your clients time), identification of the product, your customer, the timing and the approach are the key elements.


A New Agency World acknowledges that the application of sponsorship symbols to products and packaging, or as a component of an advertising campaign, offers great marketing opportunities. In this highly sophisticated global industry, we provide professional assistance in the licensing of sponsorship symbols, which have become an integral aspect of today’s sponsor and marketing business. A New Agency World offers a full range of services in licensing. Ranging from development of strategy over creation of product, research and development, contract negotiation of intellectual properties to name rights and brand registration.


A New Agency World emphasizes the growing importancy of merchandising in sponsorship. We are highly experienced in this area and can provide not only clubs, federations and companies with professional consultancy in merchandising but can also assist individual talents in this field. The commercial exploitation not only consists of sales and distribution, A New Agency World also seeks other opportunities, from key-account management, business-to-business or business-to-consumer approach, production management to quality control and royalty management. All this to generate new revenues and build brand loyalty and/or brand introduction.