Inbound Marketing

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Inbound Marketing

Life's much easier and nicer if the client finds you, instead of the other way around. Inbound marketing gives you this opportunity by being available through all digital channels. Combined with a strong digital and content service, inbound will put your brand right in the middle of the interest sphere of your customer. Where it should be!

Inbound marketing service by A New Agency World

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Digital Advertising

Modern technologies have opened and are still opening doors to a new era of advertising. Digital advertising allows you to reach and appeal to your target audiences in new locations, new ways and with more precision.


To make sure customers and leads find your brand, product or company through search engines, you will need to optimise your content and website. The customer is always looking for answers to their problems, so make sure your solutions are always the ones they find first.

Marketing automations

Through our marketing automations system, we can offer you an integrated campaign model that automatically addresses your current or potential client with an individual message based on his needs and behaviour via email, sms, Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels. No more standard newsletters, but information or call-to-actions right in the heart of the customers' demands. You will automate the life cycle of your clients; you will have campaigns on autopilot through smart email content with all social analysis and up-to-date notifications.


Our CRM module contains a setup custom sales process, contact and lead scoring, social and behavioural data, a customised sales flow, seamless email integration and automatic call to action. The CRM model will give you all the requested data about your customers, potentials and hot leads. It can be used as a stand alone, but can also be integrated in your current CRM-system to obtain maximum results.

Metheris AI

The Metheris tool was build as an answer to the current duality in communications between focus on the website & social media instead of the client on one hand, and the lack of integration among all the used marketing channels on the other hand. Metheris AI allows us to monitor and track all behaviour on every platform and social media account, set-up in the big idea.