Sponsor Marketing

What do you know about this business? the King said to Alice. Nothing

Sponsor Marketing

Build a story, get your clients to become fans, get them involved and get them addicted! What better way to tell the story than through a sponsorship? The emotions created by athletes or performers go straight into the hart of your consumer, be part of that story, be that story, tell it. That's what sponsor marketing can do!

Sponsor Marketing service by A New Agency World

Strategic Initiatives

In need of that one crucial creative action in your brands master plan? The initiative on which you want to create your customer's relation, your daily traffic, your exclusive content? Keep in mind the variety of options of sponsoring, through partnerships, until own projects and platforms are huge. Our extensive experience is at your disposal.


We help you set out a tailored strategic plan in order to build your brand. We advise you in pricing, potential reach, return on exposure figures, measurable KPI's, and all necessary aspects within the sponsoring approach.

License & Merchandising

Extend your brand's reach and get closer to your supporters through licensing deals. Merchandising can also be, besides a great give away, an aspect in contractual negotiations from which you and the sponsored party can benefit. Make sure this potential is not left unnoticed in your contractual relation. It will be a big part of the success of your sponsorship.

Talent Representation

To help talent reach it's ultimate potential, tailored representation is crucial to plan every step of the way. The relation between the talent and the sponsor is not only about money, it's also about the perfect fit, about "making sense". Customers want to feel the chemistry between the brand and the athlete.

Events & Hospitality

Get your client to the venue, let him feel the atmosphere, offer him a behind the scenes, make him a VIP. A relationship built on mutual experiences is a relationship that will last. Take him to the grounds, make him feel the emotions and he will become a friend.