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Number one sport in the country

Over 6 million Belgians consider themselves interested in soccer. With a huge majority in Flanders (3,7 m), a second place for Wallonia (1,9 m) and bronze for Brussels (0,6 m).

Male and female attention

The interest in soccer isn’t only male as over 2.6 million women show interest on a regular base, which makes it the highest ranked sport within this market segment.

Reaches the high educated

Soccer is popular over all social classes, as it also reaches the higher educated (53,5% in social class 1 and 55,4% in social class 2).

Most popular club

The belgian soccer report: most popular club, by A New Agency World
  • RSC Anderlecht is still by far the most popular soccer team in Belgium, with a general fan base of 19,4%.

  • In East-Flanders it is only the third popular club (13,8%) as both KAA Gent (34,4%) and Club Brugge (20,7%) have more fans in this province.

  • In the Walloon region, Royal Standard de Liège (41,7%) outscores RSC Anderlecht (17,7%) by 24 points.

  • The dominance by KRC Genk (49%) in Limburg is enormous as they top Sint-Truidense VV (11,7%) and Lommel (4,6%) by more than 35 points.

Fan identification

There is a big difference towards fan identification (do you consider yourself as a fan of your favourite club?) if you look at the different provinces. West Flanders leads the bunge with 70,8 % (of which Club Brugge scores 48,7 %) and Liege is at the bottom (44,6 %), resulting in a higher fan-adaptation in Flanders than in the other regions.

The belgian soccer report fan identification, research by A New Agency World

How do you get to follow Belgian football?

The belgian soccer report: how do belgians follow the football? Research by A New Agency World
  • The ranking by both male and female is topped by television (43%) followed by newspapers (27%) and radio (18%).

  • Remarkable is the fact that only 19,1% watches pay-tv as 42% of the Belgian population follows soccer through free highlight programmes.

  • Apart from that, online websites (16,5%) and social media (8,9%) are no big favourites.

  • A figure that pops up is the live attention of fans (only 4,2%). It offers a lot of clubs possibilities.

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