The BAM-index 2016 valorizes
the current marketing values of Belgian athletes

Defining features for the BAM-index

Public awareness


Social media reach


Top 25 BAM-index

BAM-index top 25

BAM-index by province

The reign of Eden and Kevin is only the top of the iceberg. The popularity of Greg Van Avermaet (however without a strong social media reach) in east and WestFlanders offers a lot of opportunities. Nafi is strong in Brussels and Goffin rules Luxembourg. The above-presented top 25 (the full top 65 is available upon request, also per gender, target group, age, social media appearance, etc.) is a nation wide report. The differences per region, province and community are logic, but also surprising.

The belgian soccer report fan identification, research by A New Agency World

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BAM index 2017

We're currently hard at work to complete the BAM index for 2017.

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