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Metheris is a digital marketing tool built to answer the current duality in communications. In contrast with other tools, we focus on the client instead of the website, and we provide maximum integration with other marketing channels. Our objective is to track all online activities on a user base to get relevant insights about our target audience. Based on channel determination, this "big idea content" allows us to structure and organise the requested information and eventually to personalise every aspect of your marketing efforts.


  • Data mining
    Based on the gathered data, we can discover patterns and extract information on all specifications of the target audience.
  • CRM
    Our CRM module contains a setup custom sales process, contact and lead scoring, a customised sales flow, email integration and an automatic call to action.
  • Social data
    All social media profiles linked to the e-mail address are tracked on the contact profile page.
  • Contact management
    Make lists, notes, and organize your contacts. Easily integrated with other programs like Google contacts or Access.
  • Lead scoring
    Give the actions your contacts do a certain score, in order to see who would be a potential client.
  • Segmentations
    Create segments within your lists, in order to prioritize clients and create more personalized campaigns.
  • Intelligent automations
    Build your automations to your own preferences, once implicated, you can profit from the efficient automations in your system.
  • Email marketing
    Marketing automations still result in an, however personalised, email marketing campaign with dynamic content, split testing, real-time insights and full creative control.
  • Integrated mail client
    Send your e-mails from within Metheris and have easy access to all the relevant data.
  • Split testing
    Send out two different versions of an e-mail and compare the data to see which one was more effective.
  • Dynamic content
    Highly customizable personal dashboard, get all the data you want on your front page. All drag and drop.
  • Site & event tracking
    Track your contacts and see what they're doing when they are on your site or any platform where your code snippet is placed.
  • Centralized analytics
    Our modus operandi is based on the idea that centralised analytics offer a better utilisation of resources and data and enhanced communication of information.
  • Reports
    Get a detailed report from your campaigns, deals and contacts. The number of ‘opens’, ‘clicks’, ‘un-/read’, geo-location, social media tracking,...
  • Forms
    A way to attract clients and get their contacts straight to your Metheris contact list. You can give each form modified actions straight away.
  • Sales funnels
    The sales process, modify your sales pipelines and the different phazes you want your deals to go through.

Obtain contacts

Easily integrated on your website without any coding.
The moment your contacts open your mail and click a link, you can track their online activities on your platform(s).
You already have lists with contacts? No problem, you can easily import them.
You just made a new business contact on that conference? You can add contacts manually as well.


Metheris contact detailed profile

Collect data

Once the contact is obtained you can track every movement this contact makes on your platform. See which pages they’re interested in, which documents they have downloaded, ... . Once you have the data, you can modify your approach to specific clients or target groups.
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Intelligent CRM

One place where all activities and interactions on your platform for one contact are centralised. This can go from page visits to campaign interactions, returns to a page. In short all relevant behaviourial data.

Create smart lists based on certain behaviour, interactions, deals,... or any cross reference between them. For example a list with everyone who has a twitter account and/or visited your product's page?

There are two ways to interact with the contact. One is the traditional newsletter, the second is through an automation based on behaviour or certain criteria. Eg.: everyone who has visited your pricing page, but clicked away, might get a special offer for that product.

Our Metheris sales module is an excellent support for your sales team. Research your contact, how they behave, and track them through your sales funnels to have a personalised approach towards your clients.

Thanks to the detailed and automatically generated reports, you can see how effective you’re dealing. How is the engagement? How far along are your deals? Everything you need to know in one place.

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