A multiple logistic regression model, constructed from categorical independent variables to valorise sponsoring visibility during the whole of the sponsoring communication process.

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As more and more international brands emphasise on sponsor marketing as a pivotal influence in their communication strategy and relationship campaigns, measurement of values and return on exposure are becoming more and more important, if not KEY. Companies cannot afford spending millions of dollars on sponsoring based on a gut feeling or sympathy for the sport, the athlete or the event. The sponsorship decision, the choice of the sponsored party and the use of the sponsorship have to be an entire part of the total marketing-mix. Activated on-field and optimised towards content and social media use, the sponsoring needs to fulfil the requested KPI's, but above all needs to achieve the set goals. Scirix offers a multiple logistic regression model that will allow you to measure the real impact on the marketing dollar by valorising the impact score of each achieved article, picture, broadcast or web mentioning. Using over 1.400 parameters that will have an influence on this realised exposure we are able to give you the exact net value of the generated exposure. To measure is to know, and to know is to act.

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