Connect with the ears that want to hear your voice

Xairoo is an online marketing tool for the digital age, an age where 52% of the Belgians own a smartphone and 33% own a tablet, a total of over 7 million Belgians, this market of second screen users can’t be ignored any longer. So why would you want to use one advertisement for the masses when the second screen gives the possibility to differentiate. Not only where to advertise, but also the targeted group and even better: the moment you advertise. With our Xairoo service the days of senseless mass advertising are gone. With countless online data gathered, the advertiser has the opportunity to target specific groups of people. On the right platform. At the right time. With the right (audience targeted) message. In other words: Xairoo helps you create an emotional link with your customers through online moment advertising.


If you want to connect to your targeted audience, moving on from mass advertising is the first step to take. Secondly you should know when and where to reach your audience. To help you, we have selected 8 basic parameters.

Kind of tv show

Our behavior is different for different moments on the tv. Knowing how people react to a kind of show is a crucial element.


Man and woman act differently, that’s not a secret. Knowing the difference is important to select your target group.


People from a different age use their smartphone differently. To know what your audience is doing, is having the ability to reach them.


Tune your content to the moment, that’s how you create an emotional link. Together with all the other parameters, you can specify your content to your targeted audience.


People with a different profession use their second screen in a different way. Again, knowledge is key.


The crucial element in creating an emotional link with your consumer! Tune your message to fit the moment and the audience you want to reach.


Different regions experience moments differently and use their smartphone in different ways. Language can also be a factor.

Social class

Different social environments make for different target groups. They might perceive moments differently as well, know who you target.


Some clients might require specific parameters, our motto “we leverage data” is no fluke, we will do the research.